Nonso Okpala
2 min readSep 19, 2020

Letter to my Father

Dear Father,

My Hero, my mentor and my Leader. You have been all I want to be: a father, a mentor and a leader. You told me I have your DNA running in me and it was only a matter of time before I’d be you and more. You showed me your empire and assured me only adolescence was in my way. You told me I’d be King in my youth, like you. Just as your father promised you and honored. Even in stranger and harder circumstances, and at great risk to him.

I grew up loving and trusting you. I never doubted your dedication to me and all our family stood for. It’s tradition, it’s culture, it’s succession and belief that Sons should be greater than Fathers. That Sons will bury Fathers and Fathers will die in peace and fulfillment knowing that their Sons have become men, fathers, husbands and leaders.

I have done the toil of a diligent son and learnt all there is to know but you never paid my dues, my heritage. Year after year, you said I wasn’t ready but I kept on believing. You abandoned my mother, and destroyed the vibrancy of her green, white and green. You turned your attention to younger girls, and kept seeking for younger and younger. In each case, you established generations of descendants, some younger than my sons, thus altering what previously was a smooth transition from one generation to another.

After years of muddling and disaster building, it became clear that our heritage was at its precipice. All you had done over the years had finally brought the chicken to roost.

You now look weak, feeble and delusional but still reluctant to crown me king. Reluctant to crown any of yours king. You call me close and with your last bout of strength and breath, you say, “son I want to be King for Life”.

So sad Daddy, you got what you wanted. You were king for Life. You were the Last King in our Lineage.

(Dedicated to All Youths and Kings in Waiting. Take it.)

Nonso Okpala

A visionary and serial investor. Managing Director/CEO of VFD Group Ltd and Father-In-Chief.